Welcome to Emily Hart Photography


Hi everyone! I’m thrilled and thankful to be introducing you to the brand new site for Emily Hart Photography. It’s been in the works for awhile now (ahem, perhaps over a year, yikes!) but it’s finally here!


You might know my work by its previous name, Nina & B Photography. That name is incredibly dear to me, but I’ve known I needed to change the name from Nina & B to Emily Hart for awhile now. I kept getting a lot of, “Hi, Nina!” emails and I realized the name could be confusing, especially now that I’m doing more commercial work and being published (yay!).


I honestly had a hard time with the transition. Nina & B is named after my grandparents, and I felt strongly that the name needed to stay somehow, I just wasn’t sure how. That is, until epiphany struck through a suggestion from a friend. She mentioned that I should be teaching photography workshops for parents or beginners. Light bulb! I’d thought about teaching before, but then I was hit with the realization that there could be no better name for a photo workshop than, you guessed it, Nina & B.


So, I guess this post is also an introduction to Nina & B Workshops. :) I can’t wait to teach you how to photograph your memories with confidence! The first Nina & B Workshop will take place April 6th, 2019. Visit the registration page here for more details and to sign up.

Here’s to new beginnings!

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